What do we know of Angels?

Prior to teaching and studying yoga, Sarah was doing energy work, including Reiki and balancing chakras with assistance from the angelic realm.  She has a strong connection with her angels and spirit guides and asks for their assistance and guidance in all aspects of her life.  When Sarah was performing energy work on people, she would often receive divine guidance pertaining to specific yoga postures and breathing techniques that would be beneficial to the individual she was working with.

perugino angelsSarah uses that same angelic guidance each time she teaches a yoga class and when doing individual yoga therapy.  She calls on the angels and relies on their assistance in each class to address the collective needs of the group.

Sarah teaches primarily in the tradition of Hatha yoga, but she incorporates many other types of yoga into her classes including Kundalini, Anusara, and Jivamukti.  In addition to the poses (asana), breath awareness (pratyahara), and meditation (dyana), she places emphasis on the other limbs of Patanjali’s Eight limbed yogic path, especially the application of non-harmfulness, contentment, self-surrender, sense withdrawal (pratyahara) and self-realization (samadhi). The variety and amount of this will depend on Sarah’s intuitive sense and what she “feels” from the class before she begins. Some people find that the physical practice of yoga becomes a gateway into a spiritual exploration while others just enjoy a wonderful low-impact workout that makes them feel great. Whatever your tendency, you will find that Sarah’s style addresses both of these needs.

Angelic beings are biblical and discussed in many ways. A beautiful discussion can be found at the New Advent.

The following is from Fr. Pascal P. Parente, The Catholic Teaching on the Angels

Our human mind comes into possession of knowledge by a gradual and laborious process. It requires first of all a number of years of physical development for the proper operation. It rises slowly from single sensible perceptions to general ideas of things and finally to abstract truth. The Angelic intellect, entirely free and independent from matter and senses, needs no such development. It is in the full possession of its power from the very beginning of its existence. There is no need of gathering elements of knowledge bit by bit, of adding ideas to ideas in order to discover truth, as is the case with us. Having been created in the full perfection of its nature, the Angelic mind neither develops by gradual growth nor does it suffer any decay; its knowledge does not pass by consecutive steps from the haze of the morning to the splendor of the noonday brightness. From the beginning of its existence it was able to grasp the objects within its own sphere and advert to them without any fatigue in the process, moving in the dazzling light of the purely spiritual world as in its proper element.

Being by nature higher than man and much closer to God, the Angels receive more of His light, that is, a greater power of understanding, infused ideas, mind-pictures representing external objects, the spiritual and material creatures of this universe.

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